Desktop Bookkeeping Support

One of the advantages of modern technology is the ease with which bookkeeping support can be carried out without either of us leaving our desks.

Not so long ago I would be happy to jump in the car and drive to a client to help them through a hassle with their bookkeeping program.  And I still will if that is preferred.

But more often now I can arrange a “meeting” on the internet whereupon I can see your desktop and actually carry out the work in front of your eyes on your own machine.  This helps with understanding as well as saves time and money.

This type of support is normally free to my accountancy clients but can also be available to non-clients at a rate we agree beforehand.  Some problems are easy to solve this way and if it takes less than 15 minutes it will only cost £25+VAT.

You can buy a 15 minute session by ringing us during working hours with your credit/debit card…

If you have a more serious issue I will take a look for free and agree a cost for resolving it for you.  However, 15 minutes is quite a long time and we can accomplish a lot in one of these sessions.  It is quite likely we have come across your particular issue before and this will help keep the costs down for you.

There are some problems that will take longer and lower down this page you will find a link for buying an hour of desktop support.  This doesn’t all have to be taken in one bite so please don’t think if I resolve things in 30 minutes that you will lose out.  The remaining time can be used at a later date.

I have been a client of Rays for only a short period of time, I was a complete novice to this type of work before, and I am not as computer literate as I would like to be, I was very unsure of what to do. With Rays guidence and confidence in me, I found it very easy.

From downloading the software and installing it to actually using the program. As I live quite a distance from Ray, we decided to try a meeting on the internet…this was extremly easy, as Ray was on the other end of the phone and talked me through every step of the way. He took control of my pc and explained and showed me how to do the entries or adjust entries that I’d put in the wrong place…It was so helpfull because sometimes just trying to explain things isnt always enough….with Ray actually SHOWING me how to do it, helped enormously.Its a complete time saver for me, as I do not have to travel to see Ray, and can ring him almost anytime with a query/question. L Purcell, Gloucester.

Bookkeeping packages suited to this type of support are VT Transation Plus, Quickbooks, Sage, TAS, MYOB, Diamond, Pegasus, Access, DO$H etc.  It can also be applied to on-line systems such as Win-Web, Liquid, Kash Flow etc., by me meeting you on the internet whilst you are logged into your package and I can take it from there.