Bookkeeping Services

Have you actually costed exactly how much looking after your business records yourself costs your business?

Did you think you would save money by dealing with everything yourself… the marketing, production, quality control, typing, telephone calls, suppliers, faxes, emails, repairs, service calls, bookkeeping and more ??

One of the successful things we offer to clients is the weekly/monthly payroll service.

There are many reasons for this but the most often quoted is confusion.  There are changes to personal allowances, taxable income, car tax rates, leave entitlements, minimum pay, SSP, CIS scheme (yes we handle those for weekly/monthly paid subcontractors), forms required, online filing and which forms it applies to and the annual end of tax year P35 confusion.

Once we take over your payroll we handle all of the above – and much more for you automatically.

The only input from you is letting me know if there are any changes via email and your payroll is run within 24 hours.


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